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If you had the chance to change a young mans life for the better, would you?

Through every conversation started and every dollar raised, our community showed an overwhelming outpouring of support for Gold Coast Youth at Risk. 100% of all donations will go directly into keeping our programs running. Our rites of passage camps, creative arts, kitchen initiatives, sporting teams, pathways programs and driving school are the heart of our mission – They help transition our students from boys to thoughtful, responsible men.

EVENT COUNTDOWNOctober 10th and 11th 2024


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We invite you to join us on our mission to significantly impact the lives of our young students by paddling around the waterways of Isle of Capri for 24 hours in the name of Building Better Men.

Since it’s inception in 2019, the Capri on Via Roma 24-Hour Paddle has grown significantly, with teams enduring the mental and physical challenge of paddling around the Isle of Capri. The event aims to raise funds for the Men of Business Academy, which opened it’s doors in April 2020. The inaugural event in 2019 raised money for the academy, and subsequent paddles in 2020, 2021, and 2022 have contributed a total of over $624,000. This funding has allowed the academy to purchase school buses, establish an in-house driving school, and expand to a new location at 7 Nerang Street, Southport, providing greater opportunities for students.

The Men of Business Academy is a Senior Secondary School that focuses on empowering young men with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be happy, healthy and successful in life after school.

The MOB Academy caters for boys in Years 11 & 12 who are looking for alternative learning to mainstream schooling. The MOB Academy promotes workforce and career focused education in addition to a formalised health and well-being program. With a streamlined program targeting the development of the key life skills of literacy, numeracy, health, resilience, commitment and respect, we give young men a strong position to ‘feel’ success through the achievement of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and workplace emersion. Importantly, our young men receive extensive specialised and individualised support to address any barriers to learning and personal development that may hinder their success. 

We are so privileged to have such a passionate, selfless, and committed community of beautiful humans who have helped build the foundations of what MOB is today and what it will be in the future.

We hold ourselves accountable, dedicated to getting the formula for men’s education right. We are passionate to change and adapt our methods to properly meet the needs of our students who walk through our doors.  We have had a huge impact in the 3.5 short years we have been open – but we are dedicating to more – that’s where you come in. 

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how appreciative we are to every single person who helped make this event what it was.

It is hard to articulate the gratitude we have for all of you – Whether you paddled in the thick of the night, purchased a raffle ticket or simply cheered us on from the sidelines…We couldn’t have done it without you.

At MOB Academy we insist on transparency and accountability for every funded event. What happens now that the Capri on Via Roma 24-Hour Paddle is wrapping up? To stay up to date with our building construction, programs and community events please sign up to our newsletter here and follow our social media.

Congratulations to our 2023 winner Daniel Nash!

Join the passionate community of fundraisers at the Capri on Via Roma 24-Hour Paddle.

Your donation changes the lives of at-risk young men aged 15-18.

At MOB Academy, our primary goal is to strengthen communities and eliminate barriers for our students, enabling them to become better friends, brothers, husbands, and fathers. We provide a nurturing environment where students can build confidence, discover their purpose, and align with a meaningful life. By emphasizing values such as respect, passion, ownership, gratitude, and family, we empower our students to become men of strong moral character. Through understanding, collaboration, and compromise, we cater to their individual and group needs. By imparting these essential skills, we equip our students with the confidence and knowledge to pursue their own paths to success beyond MOB Academy.

For 14 years, we've championed disengaged youth. Now, we're taking a monumental step. Funds raised will build MOB HQ, a permanent haven for 450 young men for Year 7-12 in Southport.

MOB HQ is more than a school. It’s a $20 million investment in a brighter future. This innovative 5,000sqm facility will boast classrooms, cafes, barbershops, and co-working spaces – a vibrant community hub designed for the unique learning styles of disengaged boys. This isn’t just about education, it’s about fostering belonging, safety, and hope. We’re committed to intervening at a critical juncture – the transition to high school – and providing support to break the cycle of disengagement. MOB HQ is a testament that will empower young men for generations to come. It’s a chance to redefine education and transform lives. We hope you join us on our movement!



Marco, Clint and Lee came up with the idea to paddle around the Isle of Capri for 24 consecutive hours raising $50,000 and much needed awareness for MOB Academy.


10 teams resonated with the cause, raising $110,000 for two school buses to transport students to TAFE, work experience and job sites.


15 amazing teams paddled raising $210,000 to open Australia’s first in house driving school, to help our students get their L’s and hours which launched in May 2022.


Our most successful MOB event to date raising $324,000 for our new building extension at 7 Nerang Street, Southport.


15 incredible teams raised over $265,000 to keep our programs alive.



2024 Route Map

All paddlers are required to have a home base for our event – Homebases can either be on the route, Capri on Via Roma or at HOTA. Please contact [email protected] if you would like your base to be at Capri on Via Roma or HOTA.

Lap distance: 0 m

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